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Simple, custom-built and intuitive content management system

The BubbleCMS is a beautifully simple, custom-built and intuitive content management system meaning your site is easy to use, and benefits from security updates each and every time our developers make an improvement to the system.

LGD CMS Editor

Fast Wysiwyg editor

Light, translatable and customisable jQuery plugin. Beautiful design, generates semantic code, comes with a powerful API.

LGD CMS Editor Image

Files/Images Manager

Image, file uploader and code editor manager is able to upload and search for files, images, movies, with preview also you can to edit any code (html, php, js, mixed, text and anything else readable).

LGD CMS Generate Map

Sitemap Generator

Sitemap Generator is a file containing a list and links to the entire pages on your website. Sitemap is of two types: XML and HTML. XML maps are designed for search engines and properly designed, they will deliver crucial information about your site that will assist you in sitting at the top of the search engine results page. and that's what you get from Sitemap generator.

LGD CMS Page Manager

Page Manager

With this new tool you can add a new pages to your Ordering Web and add the link to the footer. This is the easiest way to create an static page and without get out of your Web editor.

LGD CMS Navigation Manager

Navigation Manager

LGD CMS comes with a navigation menu system that makes it quite easy for beginner users to create and manage menus. The location of the menus can vary from theme to theme.

LGD CMS Lead Software

Lead Software

Unlike document and file-sharing tools, LGD is open and collaborative, helping you create, manage, and collaborate on anything from product launch plans to marketing campaigns.

Custom Plugins Manager

Custom Plugins Manager

Live preview in the customizer allows you to see what plugins do to your site instantly. This experimental plugin brings the ability to activate and deactivate plugins from within the customizer. Plugin installation and updates could be a potential future phase depending on the success of this experiment.

LGD CMS Metadata Manager (SEO)

Metadata Manager (SEO)

LGD CMS allows you to add meta description and focus keyword on every page of the website.